Highlights from Today’s Good News

“A Humble Reminder”

Luke 1:26-55

Mary, as a teenager, had nothing to recommend her aside from that she loved the Lord. She must have been a person a profound faith to bear the stigma of her society in order to fulfill God’s will for her life. She didn’t whine or complain; instead, rather, she glorified the Lord. Mary did not take pride in her position but, rather, she reminded all of God’s mercy.

We can be thankful for Mary, who was willing to get her hands dirty, to bear all the negativity and gossiped reputation, give birth in a humble place, and raise God’s son in an equally humble and simple lifestyle. There was, socially, nothing special about Mary, her husband, or her son. But God provided understanding family in the form of Elizabeth, who had been thought barren but was going through a similar experience at the time. She was able to comfort and love on Mary practically and help to bolster her cousin’s faith and courage in those first few months.


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