Highlight’s From Today’s Good News

“Unexpected Gifts”

Matthew 1:18-25

In all the Gospels, Joseph is given small mentions in the story of Jesus’ birth. But one of the key – and undoubtedly important – things about Joseph is that he was a righteous man, as well as a decent man. He did not want to hurt or embarrass Mary when he saw that she was already pregnant, BEFORE they were married. Then, as now, it was a very difficult though to raise someone else’s child, as well as to have everyone know that you were raising someone else’s child. So Joseph had some hard decisions to make for an average Joe if there ever was one.

He wanted a family of his own, as anyone else does – a wife and kids – and what did he get? Because he was a righteous and decent man he got the Son of God. He received the most unexpected of gifts, and we are very glad that he didn’t choose to “return” it.

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