Today’s Good News – 1-11-15

John 2:13-22

The church/kingdom is the people, not the institution. If we lose that focus, the focus on the people, it can get us into trouble. If we are putting our focus elsewhere (programs, events, technology), then we are indeed missing the focus and real practice of following God.

The church is the people. We need not fear for its future. The buildings may close or pass away but that does not ordain the passage of the church. Christ is in his church, as He is among his people. It is not the bells and whistles that will endure; it is the hearts and spirits of those who love and follow Christ and show His love and message to others.

We are the church that Christ established and the Church isn’t going anywhere, so long as the focus is on the people. If people are looking for Jesus, they may be going through a lot to find Him. Let us not make that journey more difficult.

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