What Do Christians Say?

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-29

As Christians, the world is watching us. Our actions and the perceptions of others can affect our message, our ability to minister. A Christian has to do the things that Christ did. We need to follow His example so that when others look at us, there’s no doubt as to whether or not we are Christians. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, as they say. If people doubt we are Christians, that is on us, not Christ. You don’t have to do this alone, you know? Christ is with you and will help you as you endeavor to speak His love and truth into the world around you.

Where is the proof of your Christianity? Can people see Christ’s love and grace in your life? His gentleness and forgiveness? Christianity is a way of life, a way of comporting ourselves in our reality. It isn’t a social club, it’s a consistent way of living. Christ has given us a new life and it is therefore our responsibility to bear good fruit in our lives and in the lives of those in our world.

Someone once told me that a friend of hers once told her how impressed they were by how closely and truthfully she wanted to hold to Jesus’ concept of love. She said that it made her smile but her heart break at the same time. And her heart broke because it made her realize how rare it must be for some people to actually see Christians who are committed to Christ’s message of love.

We all want to be loved, cherished, and honestly cared for. How many other people must feel this way? How many must desire simple love, compassion, and care? How can we call ourselves Christians and not try to show love? The same love and compassion that Christ showed all he encountered. We can speak of Christ all we want but, if we do not show love, it is empty and meaningless. What fruit is there to back up our words?

Have we made mistakes and caused hurt in our lives? Yes, we all have, but it doesn’t matter. We can love now. Will it be returned or even impact everyone? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t matter either. We can still love as Christ loved. Just like a duck says quack, a Christian says whatever it is that Christ wants or leads them to say, even if it is a simple “I’m here”, “Can I help?”, “I am praying for you”, or “I will love you always”.

I am a Christian and I will do my utmost to bear good fruit in the corner of the world that I occupy.



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