The Lord Will Renew

Scripture: Isaiah 40

In the chapters preceding this one, Isaiah is writing prophetically, in the future tense, about what will happen, what is to come. In chapter 40, however, he switches to writing in the present tense. As this chapter begins, he declares, ” ‘Comfort! Comfort, my people!’ says your God.” Isaiah reminds us that God is in control and that we can take comfort in Him. God will level things out for everyone in the end. We will all stand on the same level before Him and see the glory of the Lord.

God reveals to Isaiah the destruction of the cultures and powers of the world. What man created will change and pass away. God’s creation, however, the word of his hand sin the world and in our hearts, will last forever. What God has established will not go anywhere (vs. 21).

There are Godly people in this nation and that has not changed. There are those who seek to live and love and do good in God’s name, and God’s influence can be seen in them.

It can be difficult to try to function as one of God’s children in the world we inhabit, but He is everlasting and will endure. And so will we, as He breathes strength into our weakness. He will honor our hope in Him by renewing our strength to continue, to do , and to love in Him. How do we function in a world that is just falling apart? Follow Christ and love out His commands.

People will fail. Governments will fail. But God never will! We do not have it all together but God does!

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