Palm Sunday: Chosen for Service

Scriptures: Mark 11:1-10, Romans 8:28-34 

Unlike what many of the Israelites pictured when they thought of their Messiah, Jesus came in humbly. He rode in, not on a stallion, but on a simple donkey colt. An unbroken colt for an unbroken, moldless Savior.

Even the humblest (or wildest) of creatures or people can be imbued by divine purpose, chosen for service by God.

Just as no one expected a donkey to save all mankind, so almost no one expected Jesus to save all mankind. Humanity’s vision is so limited, confined to our own circle of the world, unable to encompass all.

Sometimes life really gets in the way of being successful. When someone has a lot of stuff in life, it can be really hard to give all of that up to do the ministry that God has called us to. What an honor for that donkey to be available for Christ on that morning; if that colt had been tame, it likely wouldn’t have been there, it would have been put to work already. But there it was, ready and available for the second that Christ needed its service.

We are all donkeys. Some may call us not much good for anything but Christ knows all about us. He knows what we are prepared for, what we can do, and just how He can use us. Sometimes the things we have gone through in life have happened just to prepare us for where we are now, just so we could be used of God for His glory through our experiences.

Before we were born, Jesus knew just how He would use us, how He could use us to bring God’s kingdom to fruition. And He knows right now just how He can use us for God’s greater glory.

We are called according to the purpose of the Lord. We have a point! There was a purpose in our creation; we were fearfully and wonderfully made, with a divine purpose and point for service.

For millennia, our world has remained essentially the same. God, however, looks beyond what we can see. We may try to look at the hearts of men, but we fall woefully short. God succeeds! He sees each person and knows their potential and has destined us to be like Christ. God has made the way, chose and called us to it, and we can walk in it.

As ill-equipped you might feel yourself, Christ has His finger on you, to make you holy for His service.



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