Living By Faith

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-13, 12:1-3

Faith is not the same as grace.

Faith is the evidence of things that do not yet exist or cannot be seen. You can have faith that things will happen but our testimony lies in how we live in that faith. We are remembered for what we dohow we live.

The lineage of faith that is laid out in Hebrews 11 lived forward in faith. They were not looking backward to their past but forward to the future God had called them to. They lived in faith and most of them died before seeing what God had promised. But they believed in those promises.

If you are looking forward, then you can see what is ahead, even if it’s at a distance. We only come this way, live this life once; the past is in the past. God leads us forward. Jesus walks forward with us. The Holy Spirit helps us. Our faith should lead us forward in Christ, in hope, to the future that we have been promised.



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