Our Church Family: The Golden Hoosier Award

Photo from the Courier-Times: Gov. Mike Pence, left, presents the Golden Hoosier Award to Mary Ellen LaMar. LaMar is pictured with her husband Brad, right, and her sons Chris, back left, and Nate.

We are so very proud of and pleased for our very own Mary Ellen LaMar, a longtime member of our church family, as she was a recipient of the Golden Hoosier Award this year.

As reported by WISH-TV: “The award is the highest honor bestowed on a senior in Indiana.

“The Hoosier values of service to our communities and helping our neighbors is well-represented by this year’s honorees,” said Lt. Governor Holcomb. “It is truly an honor to recognize this year’s Golden Hoosier recipients for the dedication they show their communities and for the tremendous example they set for future generations.”

Candidates must be an Indiana resident, at least 65 years of age, and have been a volunteer in the community for the past three years.”

Reported on by the Courier-Times in Hagerstown: “LaMar taught in the New Castle Community School Corporation for 39 years and retired in 2003. She continued to serve as a substitute teacher for 10 more years. Her service wasn’t just to school children, though. LaMar said she has helped with every part of her church, worked in hospital gift shops, helped with tornado cleanup in Evansville and was on a clean up crew after Hurricane Katrina. When LaMar was a teenager, she worked with the children of migrant workers working in Mt. Summit.”

Congratulations, Mary Ellen, and may God continue to use you in your volunteering, caring, and ministry!

To read the article in its entirety: http://www.thecouriertimes.com/news/article_a84f6945-34d1-5aac-9f5d-b83728bbb62d.html


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