He Who Would Be First Must Be Last

Scripture: Mark 10:17-45

Jesus’ idea of ‘goodness’ was revolutionary; nothing  that you can do will ever make you good enough. Salvation cannot be earned. Jesus’ idea of being Godly was also revolutionary: doing good works for your own sake weren’t going to cut it. You are to serve others, not yourself. You need to put yourself last and serve and follow Christ’s teachings and examples.

Society has taught us that we earned our wealth and so we should put ourselves first. Jesus espoused generosity and living beneath your means in order to make that happen.

Salvation is available to all, whether you have lived for God your entire life or are just starting today. It doesn’t matter. The fullness of salvations is yours regardless. We are all going to the same place, after all: to someday stand before God.

The kingdom of heaven is not to be found in skyscrapers or big questions, bur rather it can be found only an inch above the ground (Emily P. Freeman).


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