The Example of Perfection

Scripture: I Peter 1

Sermon Audio:

“When you are working with dies, it is extremely important to make sure the die is clean. It has to be perfect.” — Harold Cedric Snyder

We are often judged by our missteps rather than our “goodness”. No human being is perfect, yet God calls us to be holy as He is holy.

Jesus set the standard and example of perfection for us, as well as making it possible to live as unto God. He is our model, our mold.

Even the purest gold and silver has to be heated and pressed to assume the desired shape. So the press, the die, must be perfect, must be clean, or the precious metal will be marred.

To be holy, we must conform to the pattern of Christ, the perfect example.

We do not have to conform to the patterns that the world shows to us, but we can cleave to those Godly examples that the Lord gifts us with and, ultimately, the example of Christ.


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