Value in the Broken

Scripture: John 1:1-14

Sermon Audio:

WORD –> logos (Greek) –> def. 1: thought/concept/idea –> def. 2: expression or utterance of a concept

In John 1, the use of WORD refers to Jesus as the concept of mercy, but also as the expression of God’s love and mercy. WORD made flesh, the expression of God’s desire to be close to us in love.

How do we reconcile the God of wrath as displayed in the Old Testament and the God of love? Through Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. He is the bridge between justice and love: mercy.

Christ finds and sees value in us, broken as we are. Let me repeat that: He sees value in us, as broken as we are.

Kintsugi: the art of repair the ordinary with the extraordinary, repairing clay with gold or silver. The repaired is stronger any more valuable then than it would be had it remained untouched, unbroken, and unrepaired.

The cross is there for you. Not just for someone else, someone who has not struggled, but for you. In all your imperfection, in your mess, even and especially in your brokenness.

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