Speaking and Feeling Peace

Scripture: Philippians 3:1-21, 4:4-9

Sermon Audiohttps://clyp.it/iv3uv1nc

In a day and age, it is often so hard to accept peace, to truly feel peace.

When we have no faith, we will try to see use earthly thing with earthly problems, e.g. healing heartbreak with stuff, goods, belongings.

We have free will and, every day, we can choose to set our eyes and thoughts on the things we can see or on what is unseen. We can focus on the world or we can focus on God.

Knowledge will not make us happy, will not soothe us; wisdom draws our thoughts to God and informs our actions and lives as we move through the world.

While the world is dark and full of pain, we care called to rejoice in the closeness and presence of the Lord. We are called to be loving and gentle to everyone, that they may see God in us and feel His closeness to them.

God is near. He is the Great Comforter. And we have His wisdom through the Spirit within us.

Invest yourself in something important. Pour yourself into something meaningful. Grieve the bad, focus on the good, and there you will find peace.

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