Trimming the Vine

Scripture: John 15:1-17

Sermon Audio

Trimming the vine not only involves cutting out the bad but also the not-so-bad. The more you prune, the ore space you leave and energy you redirect into growing the best fruit.

In our lives, there may be things that we need to take off our beam (Jen Hatmaker) in order to produce the best results in our life. Sometimes we need to say ‘no’ in order to leave space for God to lead us to our “best yes” (Lysa TerKeurst).

The depth of our faith life does not depend on doing more, but on being more. Putting our energy into a few excellent things than into a hundred “okay” things. Our focus may change with the season of life we are in and therefore we trim as necessary and as God leads. He leads us, prunes us, and trains up our lives to produce good fruit, the best fruit.

Pruning can be painful, often is. Saying no can be painful, often is. But we will learn when saying no is the best thing for us and will produce fruit that last.

God wants the best for us. He doesn’t call us to be busy; He calls us to be better.

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