All Are (Not) Created Equal

Scripture: James 2

Sermon Audio:

As humans, it can often be extremely difficult for us to not show favoritism. Also, our society very much does not create everyone equally. Some are rich, some are poor. Some have and others have nothing. Our lives are all different and we find ourselves (even unconsciously) tempted towards playing favorites and making choices in favor or one or the other.

The concept of righteousness comes from doing what is right, what God wants us to do.

If we do not act out of our faith, doing good and loving and helping others, then our faith is ultimately useless. If we don’t what we can to actually help others, then our faith, our claim of love, falls empty and rings hollow to those watching/needing.

The Bible urges us to do good work, to step up and serve. What peace and healing take is for enough of us to do for others, to serve others, to act out of the Godly love we claim to have and live in.




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