Love In Practice

Scripture: I John 4

Sermon Notes: 

It’s one thing to believe that God is love. It is another, deeper thing to believe in it.

Love is not an option. It is not merely a theory.

Faith without words is dead. Love is not a feeling; it is a choice, an act, a practice.

God sent Christ so that we could have a deeper, closer relationship with God. It wasn’t to change the world; it was to change us, you and me.

God sent Christ to teach us to love others, to get right with our fellow man.

If you put love into practice, all the other good things will come from it. Anything done without love is meaningless.

Love has been tested; it works.

What would the world be like if everyone loved each other? How long would it take for many problems to be righted? If we were loving and looking out for each other.

Our job is to love and act out of it.


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