This Temporary Tent

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5

Tents are temporary; they are not meant to be permanent.

Our lives and bodies here on earth are temporary but our lives in God offer a permanence for our souls. Unfortunately, we have gotten very good at living and being comfortable in the temporary lives we live on this earth, in our mortality.

Life is fleeting. Eternity is permanent. Christ has promised us a place, a permanence in eternity through Him. God made us for the purpose of eternity, of life forever with the Lord.

We can have life today but we must remember its temporary nature. The point of this life is to live it with others, to live God’s love with others. To share our faith with others.

God isn’t asking us to forsake life for eternity but to be aware of it, as well as aware of His children that dwell within it.

Imagine if you started looking at everyone as if they were going to Heaven. Every person has something of God in them, and God wants a relationship with Him and to share that relationship and divine love with others.


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