There Is Now No Condemnation

October 16, 2016

Scripture: John 3:1-21

God didn’t send Jesus to condemn  or judge the world but to save it.

Sometimes those who know nothing about Christ see Christians and see nothing but condemnation and mud-raking. We destroy Chrirst’s message without even mentioning Him, before we ever speak to those people.

Our job is not to fix people! That is God’s purview, not ours. It is heart and spirit and none of our business.

Our condemnation of others destroys Christ’s message of love. Christ’s acceptance and salvation have only to do with belief, not perfection. If we are like Christ, we will not condemn; we will accept, encourage, plant, and love. And we will trust God to do the work.

Christ creates growth. Christ creates life. But the seed will never take if sowed with condemnation.


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