Bridging the Gap

Scripture: John 8:2-20


Scripture doesn’t call us to unity for unity’s sake. Why we unify matters.

When all would have condemned the woman brought before Jesus for her wrongdoing, Jesus had only grace, mercy, and pity for her. He refused to destroy her and charged that whoever did have a perfect moral leg to stand on before they did. He chose love and mercy, because He came to present a new way of living: to give grace because we so deeply and desperately need it ourselves.

The woman was afraid. Jesus did not slough off her fear; He removed the source of it. He didn’t berate her but told her to go live her life and be better. Not “be good” but “be better”.  Jesus gave grace first and then the truth.

Grace first, then truth. Mercy, not sacrifice. Love, not condemnation.


You belong to God. I belong to God. We all belong to God.

In order to change the narrative of “bad Christianity”, there need to be enough good Christians willing to do and to love. We need to determine to do what is good and right, what God had called us to do. This is what is needed to change the narrative to one of love, mercy, grace, and truth.

Christ didn’t wait until we were “right” before He came to love, serve, and save us. Why then should we insist that others “be right” before we love and serve them?

We are not here in this moment to “unify”; we are here to bridge the gap with Christ’s love.



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