1/8/17 – Is Being “Good” Enough?

Scripture: Matthew 22:1-14

‘Goodness’ is whatever brings you benefit, but can we truly be good without God?

The kingdom of Heaven is like hearing about a good party. But you have to be invited to the party. Have you been invited or are you going to try to crash it?

God invited everyone but wants them to know His son, to know Jesus before they can come in. You wouldn’t invite a stranger to a party in your home; neither does God.

God wants us to acknowledge and come to know Jesus, HIs sacrifice in God’s love, His forgiveness, teaching, and a life lived for and in Him.

Everyone has been invited but many believe that they still need to crash the party, rather than accept the invitation and believe that they were invited. We cannot get into the party, in a Heavenly eternity, on our own steam or merit, by what we try to do solely on our own.

Actions without belief behind them are empty. They don’t mean anything. Meaningful actions come from belief and faith in goodness, love, mercy, grace…all of which stem from and are God.

We can be in glorious paradise with God today, can experience that freedom and closeness with Him. Right now.


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