The Quaker Distinctives: Simplicity

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34

Sermon Audio

There is no quick fix to get to simplicity; it is a process. Simplicity is not just about being better than your neighbours. Simplicity is more a practice in focusing our attention. What we focus on is what we will live out.

We often focus on the things in our lives rather than focusing on Christ.

Simplicity of material objects – Having just what we need and less of what we want or think we have to have.

Simplicity in our actions – giving a necessary ‘no’ in order to give our ‘best yes’. Nothing is as important as focusing on the Lord. Simplicity frees us up to fill our time with God.

Simplicity of intentions and speech – We need to be direct and honest but to also let our words be seasoned with grace. The simplicity of speaking to a friend emulates the way that Jesus spoke to His disciples, His friends, and how He still speaks to us.

Jesus was a simple man who led a simple life of following His Father’s will.

Simplicity can be frightening in that it calls us to trust in God’s provision for us rather than our own for ourselves.


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