The Quaker Distinctives: Testimony of Integrity

Scripture: John 8:12-59

We follow a risen Savior who is the epitome of integrity and the author of our integrity.

The core of integrity:

  1. Right thought
  2. Right words
  3. Right action

Integrity comes by focusing on God; it cannot come from ourselves.

Even in the face of those who were immediately ready to kill Him, Jesus spoke the truth boldly. He spoke with integrity.

God is the author of all things — justice, morality, social good, etc. — and so we need to trust in Him, in the original source. (Right thought)

In order to have right speech, we must be sure to choose the right words and speak with honesty.

We are called not only to speak the truth but to speak it with grace and love and integrity. The truth should not be used to harm, hurt, or be cruel to others.

We need to not only focus on God and speak out of His integrity and love, we also need to act out of that integrity, to choose to do what is good and right.

We want what is right and fair, not only for ourselves but for others, too!

We have to live out that integrity in our lives. Doing what is right can be scary but we are called to stand on that righteousness and integrity regardless, as Christ did.

Stand up for the helpless. Defend the defenseless. Protect the weak. Build up the broken. Embrace and encourage the outcast. Bring them in and let them be outcast no more.


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