The Quaker Distinctives: Queries & Consensus

Scripture: Philippians 2:1-16

The Quaker Distinctives: Queries and Consensus

The queries and consensus both rise from the belief that the Holy Spirit still speaks to us today.

“Why?” is how we being to delve into the reasons behind actions and belief. Not to just know the answer but to know the reasons behind it.

We know a lot of answers about God, the Bible is full of them. We are left with “why?” Why did God do what He did, if God is love, then what does that mean for us?

The main reason we ask why is not so we can come up with the answer on our own. We ask because, if we do, we will get the answer. Jesus has promised this. We are admonished to ask, to question the answers we have, to deepen our knowledge of why.

This question leads us to consensus, the purpose of which is to agree in unity as to what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to. Us as a group, us as a body, us as Christians. We are looking towards what God is guiding us to do, what will serve His purpose, for us and for others.

When we work towards consensus, it is not to convince others of our opinion’s rightness. We are seeking the rightness of a decision or a path as God leads.

We ask ourselves, “What is the Father’s will in this?”

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