No Prerequisites. No Pre-existing Conditions.

Sermon Audio

Scripture: Luke 5:12-32

Fear of sickness, of being infirm, of not being whole, has always been present. In our current world where there are so many requisites, God is an equal-opportunity healer.

Jesus did not only heal, he acknowledged and praised the faith of the friends of the paralyzed man. They did everything they could to get him into Jesus’ presence. They carried, they climbed, they dug, they lowered. They believed! What great love these men had for their friend!

We are responsible for each other. Responsible for taking care of each other as much as we can. God willing that we should have as much love and faith as these friends.

No matter what, we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Period. No prerequisites, no list of pre-existing conditions as grounds for denial. Just love. Love for all.

Will we be these people who will do whatever is possible to live out God and be His love to others? Will we bear one another’s burdens? Will we step out of the crowd, off the road, and help the broken, the hurt, the sick, and the fallen?

Jesus came for all. Not only the chosen few, the righteous, or the healthy. He came for all and calls us to love all.


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