Fruit That Will Last

Scripture: John 15:1-17

Sometimes, the best-looking fruit doesn’t taste the best. Sometimes we are looking at the people that we think look ready for the Lord and we often go about winning them to the Lord the wrong way, like actually trying to pick mulberries (no one actually picks mulberries, or at least they shouldn’t try).

No one will ever be ready for the Lord; we are no judge of readiness, but God is. And it might not be the one we think it should be.

We are called to love, not judge. We are not called to decide who is ready for the Lord, only to do as he asks and love all.

Loving one another — simply loving — is counter-intuitive to what the world would tell us to do in order to win others to the Lord. Our heavenly Father knows how to go about the business of winning people to Christ.

As Christ is the Vine, we are to branch off and out in His love and to bear the fruit of it into the lives of those around us.

We live a better sermon with lives of love than we could ever speak with our mouths.

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