Scripture: Psalm 51

Audio: https://clyp.it/fjc5b0lz

Sermon Notes:

Though the wages of sin is death, God brought redemption for us.

The Talmud teaches that repentance was created before all: a chance was given, should we ever turn away, to turn back to God again. A chance for us to make a 180-degree turnaround.

There is an answer to the question “what now”? God wants us to turn to him fully, to put our sin behind us and him before us.

God doesn’t want sacrifices or ‘doings’ from us. He wants a heart-change in us, to offer up our hearts to him, to give ourselves over to His love.

He can move forward when we have given our brokenness to the Lord. We do not need to–nor should we–dwell on that sin/transgression/brokenness.

You may acknowledge that there is transgression in your past and live in the abundance of God going forward.


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