Don’t Look Down

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4


Summary Notes:

In all the movies, in all the stories, the minute a character is told “Don’t look down”, what else do they do? They look down. The second we look down, we begin to feel fear.

It is difficult to look away from the world, away from the darkness and hardship and hate and trouble. It can be hard to look away, hard to not despair. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t do us any good, looking down.

If we take our eyes and minds off Jesus, we will forget Him and His presence and be afraid, like Peter walking on the water.

Life is hard, yes, but we can still live without fear, without being paralyzed by it. Our fear may be with good cause but it does not have to dictate and tyrannize our lives.

It is not a shameful thing to concentrate on Jesus, to look to Him, to focus on Him. It is not a shameful thing to cling to God.

Even in the hardest, most terrifying parts of life, we can focus on Who we are walking towards and not the abyss beneath our feet.

Don’t look down! Look forward! Look up!


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