The Job of the Sower

Scripture: Matthew 13:1-30


Nothing will ever grow if it isn’t planted first.

A sower’s job is to prep the soil, sow the seed, and wait. The waiting can be quite hard and, sometimes, so can the preparation.

There are some Christians who find themselves spending more time on the work of the Enemy, rather than that of God. We are not to focus our time and energy on evil but on good, on the work that has been laid before us.

Nothing we can do can make anything grow or make anyone believe. We are only charged with prepping and planting.

We are never guaranteed that our work will bring desired results BUT those results will definitely never happen if we don’t work towards them at all.

With or without us, God will bring about growth, perhaps in ways that we don’t expect. Are we going to help or hinder that growth?

We still don’t fully understand salvation but we are still thankful that it does happen.

We can all spread the seed, spread the word and love of Christ. We never know what may take root but whatever does will continue the growth and spreading of the crop.

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