1st Sunday of Advent: How We Get to Hope

Scripture: Romans 5

Sermon Audio: https://clyp.it/t5hnvx3e

How do we come by hope? We don’t actually receive hope when we are saved. Hope doesn’t just happen overnight; it is a process.

Suffering –> endurance/perseverance –> proven character –> hope

Hope is something you have to struggle for, but hope does not disappoint. Now, hope isn’t something that we necessarily get. It is anticipation but not necessarily receipt.

We have a hope in Christ, a hope that we will be justified through faith.

Sin is not what we asked for but it is what we got; all because of one man’s disobedience. It is in our nature to rebel.

While one “gift” condemned us to death, another gave us Hope. Jesus suffered, persevered, developed proven character, and He had hope in God and gave it to us.

The reason we can get to hope is that we know that, no matter what, we can endure, we can persevere. It will add to our character and our reward is hope.


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