2nd Sunday of Advent: Christ Brings Us Peace

Scripture: Ephesians 2

Sermon Audio: https://clyp.it/jvoittwu

We live in a world that is often in unrest and conflict, and peace is often hard to find.

So much of the world looks at Christ and doesn’t know who He is or what He is for. One of Christ’s most important purposes is peace.

There are so many, unfortunately, who usurp the name of Christ and use it as a screen from behind which they do very unChristlike things.

Without Christ, there is no peace.

There are three specific ways in which Christ brings us peace:

  1. Christ brings us peace with God. He abolishes the barrier between us, just as the curtain between the people and the Holy of Holiest as rent at His crucifixion.
  2. Christ brings us peace with ourselves. We are able to see ourselves, our place, and our purposes clearly, seeing them through God’s eyes. Through loving God, we learn to love ourselves, and then we can extend that love to others.
  3. Christ grants us peace with others. Through Him, we can then see who others are in Christ; we can see them through His eyes rather than our own fallible ones.

We can share Christ with others only when we have accepted Him ourselves.

If people know the love of Christ, if we as Christians share it effectively, then many of the conflicts that pervade our world could be solved, settled, and there could be peace.


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