3rd Sunday of Advent: Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy

Scripture: John 16

It is not easy preparing for the Messiah. Preparation is labor. Labor is sometimes full or composed of pain and sorrow. Joy cannot come to be without pain, sorrow, and suffering.

Jesus met His future face-on and laid it out for His dear ones, and it wasn’t necessarily the most pleasant of futures, to say the least. Without pain–His pain and sacrifice–joy could not come.

Joy cannot and does not exist in a vacuum. It is born out of sorrow and the going through of it.

Jesus does not make people “happy”. He is not about the short-term. He gives us a path to joy, a light amidst the pain. Happiness may fade or even shatter. At the end of that pain, though, sits a place where we can find joy, joy and peace.



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