We Can Be Heroes

Scripture: Romans 12


How can we live Godly, heroically in a world full of such darkness and evil? Honestly? There’s no secret to it. To be a hero, all we have to do is be good and do good. We need to love. And Christ gave us the most perfect example of such love.

Our culture is convinced that you cannot change the world by loving others. They’re wrong. We can change the world. Not instantly, however. Change through love is a process.

But how do we even start?

1.) We have to dedicate ourselves to the task at hand, to loving others. Love takes work.

  • Becoming a good person takes time and work and practice, commitment, sacrifice.
  • There are times when we will need to give up what is immediate, easy, or desired in order to do our best good. Love is work. Daily work, effort, and choice.

2.) We cannot do what everyone else is doing.

  • Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result”.
  • We need to be willing to do what the world and prevailing culture see as crazy, radical. We need to be different and live differently if we are going to make a difference.
  • Love is different! Love is crazy. Love is radical. Love zigs when society would have to zag. Love reaches out and touches when the world would say, “Stay away!”

3.) It is not all about us. We cannot be heroes alone.

  • We cannot do this work by ourselves. Most of the heroes that we learned about and enjoyed as children (and still enjoy now) had help: partners, teams, etc., to do the work that they did, to help save the world.
  • Likewise, we cannot change the world, change culture and mindsets, alone. We need help. We need others to come alongside us, applying their particular skills to the same goal.
  • Everyone has something that only they can do, a unique role to play, a talent or skill to offer and that is needed.
  • Of all His abilities, Jesus’ greatest one was to see people and love them where they were. To see what they alone could bring to the ministry, to the work of love, and hold space for them to offer, refine, and grow in that particular gift.

4.) We need to be sincere: love others and mean it. We need to be fervent in our commitment.

  • We need to move beyond what is convenient to what is truly good.
  • Our speech and our actions need to match, then so will our spirits.

Heroes leave room for justice and mercy, rather than meting out vengeance. They refuse to become the evil that they fight against.

Even when faced with the ability to sweep His enemies off the board with a word, Jesus chose mercy and kindness, forgiveness, forbearance, gentleness, and love. He chose to live in and die for love of humanity. He changed the world with His love. Even if people do not believe in Him, they acknowledge the love in His actions. He changed the world in his thirty-three years, with a ministry defined by mercy, love, kindness, and deep empathy.

There are people–us– who want to be heroes but want to go about it as other people have always done, and that way doesn’t work. Evil for evil, vengeance, doesn’t work.

If we are to be heroes, if we are to be Godly heroes, then we fight evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.

Let’s Hero Up!


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