Why People Hate Christians

Scripture: Luke 6:27-45 and John 8:1-11

**Author’s Note: I do not feel that my notes of this sermon are or will be adequate, so please do listen to Pastor Ben’s sermon in its entirety by clicking the audio link below. 


A good many people hate Christians because Christians hated them first.

Kant – “To be is to do.” (Do what you are.).

Nietzsche – “To do is to be.” (You are what you do.)

If we follow the line of thought that we do what we are and we are what we do, that poses quite a problem in our current Christian culture. If we as Christians say that we “hate the sin”, we are choosing to hate, period. Often in our current culture and society, there is little to no differentiation or delineation between action and identity. If people see Christians saying that they (or even more the worse, God) hate a choice that that person connects closely to his or her identity, they will see Christians as hating them.

Our job is not to judge others, to tell them what God hates about them. Our job is “to be respectful, receivable, and friendly so that our testimony about the love of God will have its best possible reception” (Barry H. Corey, Love Kindness, 183).

The reason people often don’t have much love for Christians is that Christians have often not had love for or shown much love to them.

Let’s change that.

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