Easter Sunday 2018: Christ’s Presence is Present

ScriptureLuke 24:36-53

Sermon Notes:

As human beings, we are not equipped to fully understand the Trinity but we can come to grips with certain aspects of it.

God the Father: Holy, purely spiritual and divine above all things.

God the Son: Divinity wrapped up in fallibility. God in the shape of a man, the first person, the first living being to be able to stand in God’s presence. That is the ultimate miracle. Jesus understood and lived the human condition, bridging the gap between us and God.

Jesus came, died, rose, and ministered to who us that He’s more than just some good ideas, some compelling miracles and principles.

The fault of us, of humanity, is that we act as though Jesus is done and gone. We act as though Jesus isn’t alive today. But He is! Jesus also kept the Father’s promise to send us a presence that would always be with us: the Holy Spirit.

With His death, Jesus destroyed the barrier between us and God. He destroyed the need for sacrifice, for ritual, for a go-between. Nothing comes between us and God the Father anymore.


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