The Age-Old Question, or Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

Scripture: John 9

Sermon Notes:

The Pharisees believed in the letter of the law, and they also believed in a religion of merit, ie, bad things happen to bad people. If you were injured or disabled, it was because you deserved it.

The beggar man who was born blind had in truth done nothing to deserve it, neither had his parents; Jesus declared this to be so. But, though his disability, this man was able to experience God and His power through Jesus.

This man, through interaction with Jesus, then went from begging blind on the streets to testifying in the synagogue about Jesus. Twice. He testified to what he knew, not what the Pharisees wanted to hear/ One moment he was blind and, the next, he could see. The Pharisees were battered by the truth but, as it didn’t line up with their legalistic idea of how things should be, they rejected it and Jesus. God was speaking to them through this formerly-blind beggar, but they refused to hear it.

Jesus did not abandon the man after he was shunned by the Jews and ejected from the synagogue. He came back and introduced himself to the man and the man believed. Jesus brought him out of the darkness, he spoke the truth of his healing and who his healer was, and when the man was cast out, Jesus didn’t abandon him.

The Pharisees were the ones who became ‘blind’ out of choice. They chose to close their eyes to the truth.

Good things happen to ‘bad’ people and bad things happen to ‘good’ people. The best things, however, are the ones that shape and form us and bring us closer to the Lord.

Whatever you are going through, God can use it for your good, your betterment. As Charles Dickens put it, your “welfare and reformation”.

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