We Know What Is Expected of Us

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:1-18

God often treats us like students who have been in HIs classroom for a long while. He expects us to follow His expectations.

Often rules are made to protect us from consequences that we may not be able to understand. For example: our child is not be allowed in the kitchen while cooking is going on because her father was once burned very badly as an infant because he trespassed this very important rule. We know what is good for our daughter, even though she does not.

The rules in the Old Covenant are largely negated by Jesus’s teachings and sacrifice. We now understand many of the reasons behind Old Covenant rules (such as cleanliness and health) but now live in such a way that often renders them unnecessary.

God’s presence in our lives alone can correct our behavior. We need to understand why the rules are there so that we can act with intentionality.

While we are free to live, do, act, and believe as we choose, we need to weight what is beneficial. We need to act and live with intention, which is the point of the New Covenant under Christ.

Let us act more like adult mature in Christ, adults who know and live with intention in Him. Not children who follow rules blindly without finding out why they are there. We must take responsibility in living intentionally.


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