In the Beginning, God Made…

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-3:24


In Genesis, we get several names for God.

Elohim – “mighty one”, often used as a generic term to refer to god/gods. In the first creation story in Genesis, Elohim is used in the plural form, therefore referring to God and “others”. We can interpret that as Jesus being present with God at the birth of creation, thus the use of the plural noun.

Yahweh – LORD – God’s personal name, the name He has chosen to be remembered by.

In the second creation story (humanity), God gets His hands dirty. Yahweh used what He had made to make more, to humanity., in His own image.

Pay attention: Our sex (male/female), however, is not what makes us like God; it’s not what makes us made in His image.

There’s a large amount of gender equality in Genesis. For example, no one is ordered the subordinate of another. God says that He will make a “helper” for Man, not a servant. A helper comes alongside us but does not stand below us.

Often, Eve’s sin is attributed to her “feminine weakness”.  But, if so, what does that say about her husband, who was standing right there with her and saying/doing nothing?

When God comes into the garden after they have eaten of the fruit, His “Where are you” was really the first “Think about what you have done and how you got to this point”.

We, as God’s final creation, now get to create with what He has already made. He created us so that we could create something together.

God – “That’s my kid. My kid made that, for better or worse.”


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