The Promise of Inheritance – 2 Sept. 2018


Scripture: Deuteronomy 10:12-11:21

It has often been said that the Lord doesn’t change His mind; however, Scripture bears out that He does indeed adjust/change His mind but never when it comes to blessing.

Verses 10:16 — God calls on us to “circumcise our hearts” and not to be “stiff-necked”. Circumcision was a symbol, going through a painful process to humble ourselves and show that we belong to God.

Verses 10:18-19 — Though they are to conquer the Promised Land, the Lord reminds them to have mercy on and grace for those leftover or behind: women, children, and foreigners.

Deuteronomy reminds us that we have seen the things God can do. Why then do we doubt His Word and faithfulness to do what He has promised?

We often fall into the trap of thinking our work is done, but it’s not. Our children are our work; they need our example, our experiences, and our knowledge of the Lord to build and develop their own. People are watching us. Young people especially are watching us.

As Christians, the promise of God’s kingdom was not meant only for our children to inherit but for us to as well.


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