A Tool, Not a Totem

Scripture: Joshua 24:14-28, Luke 16:1-15


In our present day, often the ‘god’ that is very much a rival for our heart is money. We need it, we spend it, we hoard it, work ever increasingly, longer, and hard for it.

In the parable in Luke, the unjust household manager cuts down the bills of those who owe his master so that they will be amenable to and liable to welcome/help/hire him when he is finally fired from his master’s employ. However, when the master finds out just what the manager has been up to, he commends him on his shrewdness, on using money to make friends. His dishonest behavior is congratulated.

Jesus told us that we cannot divide our hearts between God and a love for money or wealth. Money can cause a lot of worry and anxiety, yes; this goes without saying. Has that worry or anxiety become greater than our faith?

Money is a tool, a tool to be used for God’s kingdom, for the good of others, and to make connections. We are supposed to use our money to build something, to build meaningful connections with others that will benefit and last.

Serving the Lord means using whatever He’s given us–wealth, opportunities, talents, etc.–to further His kingdom.



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