Naming the Light

Scripture: John 1:1-34

Jesus is and called Himself the Light. Light was the first thing God created in the very beginning.

Light cannot be contained. It peeks, trickles, slips, and spills out of cracks, niches, and ajar doors.

Just because people have the Bible, it doesn’t mean they automatically have the Light of Jesus. Samely, the Light isn’t contained solely in that book. Conversely, just because people do not have the Bible, it doesn’t mean that they do not have access to Jesus or that Jesus doesn’t have access to them.

Thought Jesus can still access hearts who have never read the Bible, never even known His name, we are called to speak the name of Jesus, to speak our faith in the Light, in His love. Since we have it, we are to share it.

Quaker Robert Barclay preached the “seed of Light” being present in each and every person born. Like any seed, however, this one is only the beginning. It is a starting place for growth and becoming.

To this day, the Spirit is speaking to people who do not know His name. He is speaking to them! Our job as Christians is to–as Eli did with Samuel–tell them who He is, to name God to them.