Fall Is For Gathering Firewood – Guest Speaker Judi Marshall

Notes from the Sermon: Fall Is For Gathering Firewood
Scripture: II Timothy 1:1-14
Rev. Judi Marshall

The signs and events that come with fall are all around us.

We must replenish and stock up on resources for the winter that will follow.

We must also include replenishing those resources that fan the fires of our faith and keep us spiritually prepared for the days to come.

The text for this message illustrates the point.

Paul writes to Timothy as a veteran missionary to a younger colleague.

Paul reminds Timothy to draw on what he has learned; but more importantly, keep these resources burning bright by remembering to rekindle the gift of God that is within him.

The Greek verb means rekindle or relight; but, it may also mean agitate, stir up or fan into flame.

We need reminded to keep the flame of faith burning bright within us.

Reasons why faith grows dim and needs refreshed include:
*inattentiveness on our part
*drifting away from the faith
*routine and/or boredom
*knowing it is not as it should be

It is as important to rekindle a fire as it is to start one, even though the former may be more difficult.

One means of renewing one’s faith fire is to remember when it first sparked–
remembering the first moment one was a recipient of God’s love, mercy and grace.

Each one of us needs to be converted or rekindled several times during our Christian lives.

Find a tangible practice of fanning the flames of personal faith and put it to action.

Gather that spiritual firewood this fall–that is collect and practice those things that will strengthen and sustain a life of faith–then bask in a warm and wonderful winter with God.

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