Good News in the Doing, Not Just the Saying

Scripture: Mark 1:1-28, Matthew 11:2-6

Jesus is the epitome of good news.

So often in our lives, the things we see and hear about are bringing us bad news or what seems like bad news. Or, ever more the worse, it is wrong.

John the Baptist went around declaring the good news of Jesus’ coming. People probably came to ogle but John had a message to get across nevertheless.

John did not talk up what he was doing, nor did he point back to his own ministry. He pointed forward to Jesus’ ministry.

The good that we do is NOTHING if we are not pointing people towards Jesus. Everything that John did point to the coming ministry of Jesus and His ultimate importance. Like John, Jesus pointed people toward God. However, He also asked, at first, for people to keep quiet about it, because the world wasn’t quite ready, yet.

**Jesus was different from any other prophet or teacher because He spoke with authority. He did not debate the problem. He solved it! Jesus put into practice the Scripture that faith without works is dead/useless.**

It is one thing to talk about what we want to do and another thing to actually do it. Jesus knew this and chose to act out His message of love and not only to speak it.

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