Zero Faith

Scripture: Mark 4:35-5:20

The disciples being being in awe/afraid of what Jesus could do but the demons recognizing Him for exactly who He was is similar to our perception of a friend being so narrow that we never notice or realize that person’s true depth.

The disciples’ view of Jesus was so narrowly-focused that they failed to see and understand Jesus for who He really was, failed to realize that he could do anything!

After calming the storm, Jesus rebuked them, “You have zero faith!” They didn’t know Jesus for who He was, not really.

We are often like those disciples; we fail to recognize the Lord’s hand at work in our lives. We claim our faith but we don’t really have it, often enough.

When the possessed man saw Jesus, he knew EXACTLY who He was, “Jesus, Son of the Most High God!” Even as mad and broken as he was, that man recognized Jesus. The demons within him knew exactly who Jesus was and what He could do to them; they knew His power.

Where the people who had been with Him for years didn’t know Him, those who experienced Him for the first time recognized Jesus as beyond the norm.

Jesus ended up ministering to the othered, those whom the Israelites would have ostracized, turning them into missionaries and sending them out to spread the word. The herders of the pigs went and told everyone what Jesus had done in the communicating with and casting out demons into pigs. The possessed man ended up going home and telling of Jesus in his hometown(s) as well.

The supposed faithful (Israelites) begged Jesus to leave in fear of Him; they wanted to forget it. The othered are the ones who took Jesus’ message and spread it.

In this case, the message of the power of Jesus happened because of a possessed man and a bunch of pig herders, not the chosen twelve.

We are often not willing to accept the power of God in our lives. We have become too familiar, and miracles, when they happen, scare us. Or we try to explain them away, take credit for how things worked out, or we huff, “It’s about time!”

Not often enough do we see our salvation itself as a miracle. We often forget just Who Jesus is.

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