Living the Authentic Life

Scripture: I John 1:1-2:6


Note: Please, do listen to Pastor Ben’s full sermon audio. My notes may help but they do not encompass the importance of this message on authenticity.

In our lives, the scars we bear are beautiful because of what they represent and what we experienced, persevered through, and survived to get them.

Scripture admonishes us to share our scars, to be authentic with others, to show our struggles as well as our joy.

When we try to hide the bad stuff, we are not walking in the light. We are only presenting a highlight reel of our lives, showing what others may feel is unattainable, and that can be deeply discouraging rather than encouraging.

People may not understand you being saved, but they will understand being lost.

Being honest and authentic can lead us into a deeper fellowship with one another, in showing our humanity.

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