Created in the Image of God

Scripture: I John 3

Imago Dei — the concept of God

What does it mean to be created in the image of God?

  • Can we understand God if we truly understand humanity? Can we even understand humanity? Our partners, friends, children, etc.?

3 Ways to view being created in the image of God:

  • The functional view — something in our creation process. (Soul? Reason? Rationality?)
  • The practical view — something that we do/practice. (Create?)
  • The rational view — having a relationship with God makes us like Him, as He is our Father.

Our lack of practice in our relationship with God, it doesn’t change that we are made in His image.

If we want to be worthy of being like God, you have to be like Jesus. We will be like Christ if we do his commandments.

How can we reflect the image of God if we are not living as Jesus did: lovingly and sacrificially?

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