Weighing Value

Scripture: James 2:1-19

It is a tenant of the Quaker faith that all people are equal, none are set above, and therefore should not be bowed down to. God is the only one above.

James lays out exactly why we are not to show favoritism/treat anyone as less because we are violating the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

If we exalt some over others or judge others as less, we are destroying the testimony of our faith.

In our modern world, we often place value on a person based what they have done/accomplished.

However, every single one of us has value outside of our accomplishments, our wealth, or our social rank. These things do not affect our worth.

Working does not give you value; it may give value to your faith but not to you.

God sees each of us as a child, as His child with an innate value of our own. We exist and therefore we matter.

The way we treat others should constantly be a reflection of their value to God (all the value). People are valuable just as they are. We can be wrong, sinners, and still we have value.

The work that Jesus does is to welcome, invite, and treat people as just what they are: God’s children and immensely valued and valuable.

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