The Practice of Perfection

Scripture: I John 1

We are not perfect, but we can be made perfect. No one is “too far” from God’s grace. However, perfection is not a continuous state.

So very many of our churchers believe that we will never be able to get past sin. That is not Scriptural.

Sin is a wrong relationship; it’s about being out of step with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, and with God. However, Jesus’s sacrifice provides cleansing and purifying and perfection from sin.

Perfection is an active verb; it is an action, something we must continually do. Spiritual perfection is not a continuous state of being; it is a state of work.

There is indeed nothing we can do to save ourselves; the saving has been done for us. We but need to reach out, accept it, and then join in the work that Jesus is doing.

Jesus is our co-pilot. There is still work that we must do and life that we must live, with His help.

The Practice of Perfection = remaining in Jesus and actively working to be more and more like Him every day.

Just because you’re a Christian, that does not mean you’re set. There is still work to do. We must use the gifts we are given to accomplish the tasks we have been set.

That is the practice of perfection: trying to be more and more like Jesus every day.

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