Good Friday Message

A blessed Good Friday to you, Friends. I hope that this Good Friday has been a day of reflection and grateful memory of Jesus’ ultimate act of Love for us. We can face each day knowing that, though Friday saw Him laid low, the grave could not keep Him. It is dark right now, Friends, but it is only Friday. Sunday is coming. Just as He is alive, so are we and so should we be living and active in His Love. Let’s BE ALIVE, Friends! Alive in Christ and alive in Love.

Disclaimer: Apologies for the lateness of this post. As we were uploading this evening, we ran into some editing issues with YouTube. The video recording cuts off abruptly at the end; we have adjusted it in editing but YouTube states that it can take up to several hours for editing adjustments to be processed and the video changed accordingly. We were hoping it would be done by now but it is not, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we wanted to go ahead and get this posted for you. Again, apologies for the confusion.

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